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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award!

Jewish Books for Children just received a Beautiful Blogger Award from The Book of Life! It is an honor to be recognized by Heidi Estrin, who is such a wonderful resource in our community. To claim the award, I have to share seven little-known facts about my blog and about my blog and pass the award on to seven other blogs I admire!

Seven Little-Known Facts about Jewish Books for Children

1. I was inspired to create Jewish Books for Children after attending a wonderful SCBWI in Santa Barbara retreat where I learned how to create a blog.
2. My first author interview was with Michelle Markel who was gracious enough to participate.
3. While attending a session on social media with Heidi Estrin and Mark Blevis at the AJL Convention in Chicago, I was shocked and surprised to see my blog used as an example.
4. I love interviewing authors because they often reveal the “story behind the story.”
5. I am proud to interview authors from secular to religious. There is strength in diversity.
6. One of the great highlights of my blogging career was meeting and interviewing the late Sid Fleischman. His kindness and generosity were both inspiring and humbling.
7. Children’s book authors and librarian are among the kindest people on the planet. I have made lasting friendships with the wonderful people I have interviewed.

Seven Blogs that Deserve a Beautiful Blogger Award

Tales from the Rushmore Kid
Tina Nichols Coury is a children’s book author and also a book trailer expert. Her blog is a feast for children’s book writers and illustrators. Interviews, video, reviews, art, writing tips, and more - Tina does it all!

The Writer’s Inner Journey
Meredith Resnick shares insights into the writing life. Her five question interviews are insightful and thought provoking. Meredith reaches the core of a writer’s soul. She is a writer’s writer.

Scribblers on the Roof
Kelly Hartog’s wonderful blog is like a slice of Jewish literary life. She has created a sense of community by offering interviews, stories, and more. She accepts submissions, giving new and established writers the opportunity to share their work. There is something for everyone at Scribblers on the Roof!

The Cat and the Fiddle
Michelle Markel, children’s book author, offers interviews, reviews, and more on her blog. Michelle’s insights are interesting and well worth reading. This blog is a great resource for parents and teachers.

School Visits Expert
Children’s book author Alexis O’Neill is well known in children’s literature circles for her outstanding school presentations. Schools from all over the country request Alexis to visit their students. In her blog, Alexis shares some of the finer points of creating successful school visits. This blog is particularly helpful for teachers and librarians seeking an excellent program for their schools.

Jewish Celebrating with Sylvia Rouss
Syliva Rouss, creator of the Sammy Spider series, shares her experiences as an author and teacher. Her insights are delightful and will be especially enjoyed by teachers, librarians, and parents of young readers.

Gotta Book
Greg Pincus is one of the first (possibly THE first) bloggers who appeared on the children’s literature scene. Greg is an incredible poet and graciously shares his work and musing about children’s literature. Greg is beyond generous with his knowledge and expertise. Without his support, I may not have had the courage to jump into the blogsphere and I am forever grateful!